Packaging is your product image: most of times it is the first and only chance to positively impress prospects.
Thus, it should be able to clearly communicate, respect your company profile and conquest customers’ attention. Packaging and correct labels allow your product to introduce itself and conquer its deserved space on shelves.

Which are your company policies to enlighten your product?

Alkam is not only a company printing labels, we are a company offering incredible ideas, value added and innovating solutions to obtain tangible results (but, yes, we do even print product labels, many of those, if you really want to know).

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Involve your senses

An effective and perfect packaging reaches customers, through their senses. An efficient layout combined with woofs and touchy materials, give your product a special appeal, making it emerge from mass production.

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An innovative approach

Thanks to the partnership with HP Alklam can put on every printed label a dynamic QRcode, that is a sole code.
Conquer your customers with this strategy, install with the all of them a communicative, personalized, quick and efficient relation.

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Sectors in which we operate

From food to beauty, from pharmaceuticals to wine & spirits, we create labels that meet the real needs of every company, in any sector, for every possible use.
Regardless of the market in which you operate, an effective packaging is an incredible opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and         a key part of your marketing strategy.